FAQ: CCFP-Family Child Care Home Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Family Child Care Home benefit from participation in the Child Care Food Program?

Participation enables child care providers to cover the cost of serving nutritious meals to children. This is important to help children form healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime as well as ensure they receive all the nutrients needed for optimum growth and development.

What are the requirements for a Family Child Care Home Provider to participate in the Child Care Food Program?

A Family Child Care Home Provider must be licensed to participate in the Child Care Food Program. Registered Home Providers are not eligible for the program.

What is the first step to get started on the Child Care Food Program?

The first step is attending orientation training which explains the Child Care Food Program’s policies and regulations to which all providers must adhere. The training is free and offered every month, click here for training dates. Upon completion of orientation, a CCFP team member will conduct a pre-approval visit of the home and compile all documents for state approval. Once state approval is received, the provider will be notified of their start date.

In what counties does 4C serve as a sponsor for home providers?

4C is a sponsor of the Child Care Food Program in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Polk counties.

When a home provider participates in the Child Care Food Program, who provides the food?

The provider is responsible for purchasing food for the children based on menus which have been submitted to and approved by 4C Food Program Specialists.

How does a home provider pay for the food for their first month on the program?

The first month the home provider pays for the food and keeps track of the number of meals served to children.

When does a home provider receive their first reimbursement check?

The first reimbursement check is received approximately 1.5 months after starting on the program. Before the end of the second month, the home provider will have their first reimbursement check direct-deposited into their bank account.

How many meals or snacks can be claimed for each child each day?

The Child Care Food Program will reimburse a center for two meals and one snack or two snacks and one meal for each child each day.