Neighborhood Centers for Families (NCF)

Family-Friendly Accessible Services and Activities

Funded by the Orange County Citizens’ Commission for Children, the Neighborhood Centers for Families (NCF) are available to all Orange County residents. Services are provided to residents in 13 locations throughout Orange County. A Neighborhood Center for Families is made up of non-profit organizations, government agencies, churches, and community groups that work together to provide family-friendly accessible services and activities to families in their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Centers for Families are in Apopka/Zellwood, Bithlo/Christmas, Eatonville, Englewood, Ivey Lane, Lake Weston, Oak Ridge, Pine Hills, Taft, Tangelo Park, Union Park, West Orange, and Winter Park

Each NCF is uniquely designed to address the needs of the surrounding community. All services are offered free of charge and typically include employment assistance, counseling, academic enrichment activities, computer labs, and health services.