Early Head Start Child Care Partnership

Comprehensive Childhood Development

EHS-CCP is a partnership between Early Head Start and the School Readiness financial assistance program to offer high-quality child care with comprehensive services at limited child care sites to eligible parents who are working or attending school. Early Head Start will cover six hours at no cost to the parent, and the other four hours will be covered by School Readiness financial assistance with little cost to the parent.

To participate in the program, a parent must be eligible for and be on the wait list for Early Head Start and School Readiness financial assistance. A parent must be working, attending school or a combination of both for at least 20 hours a week. A parent must be a resident of Orange County or Seminole County. Children must be between the ages of 6 weeks and 3 years old.

Apply for Head Start/Early Head Start

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Orange County: Early Head Start, 407-532-4365.
Osceola County: Head Start and Early Head Start, 321-219-6201.
Seminole County: Head Start and Early Head Start, 407-332-5090 (Longwood), 407-915-6510 (Sanford)

Head Start is a federally funded program for low-income children and children with disabilities, with an emphasis on cognitive, social, emotional, physical and mental development for the child. Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc. (4C) is the approved non-federal entity that provides Head Start services for Osceola and Seminole counties, and Early Head Start in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties.