Early Learning

Information and Resources

Head Start & Early Head Start: Programs promote school readiness and child development for eligible low-income families with children from birth to 5 years old. For more information, click here.

Florida Department of Education: It serves as the single repository of education data from school districts, state and community colleges, universities, and independent postsecondary institutions, click here.

Florida Early Learning – Fact Book: The Florida Early Learning Fact Book provides information on Voluntary Pre-kindergarten (VPK) and School Readiness, click here.

Parents’ Pages: Information to help parents prepare their children for school, support their learning and assist them in finding child care, click here.

Vroom: Tools and materials turn everyday moments into brain-building exercises. For more information, click here.

Transition to Preschool

Transition to Kindergarten

  • Transitioning to Kindergarten Toolkit, click here.

Language & Literacy

Center for Early Literacy Learning has developed specific materials to assist parents in guiding their child’s early literacy development through the use of fun and exciting literacy learning experiences, click here.

Florida Electronic Library has more than 190 million articles, e-books, videos, and other electronic resources for the citizens of Florida, click here.

Ten early literacy tips for families, click here.

Resources to support children’s learning at home for bilingual families:

Baby talk, click here

Building literacy every day, click here

Explore literacy at home, click here

Home literacy environment checklist, click here

Learning letters: Games and fun, click here

Raising readers video, click here

Exploring Math & Science

Baby and toddler math milestones, click here

Early math video series, click here

Help your child develop early math skills, click here

Math in the bath, click here

Preschool and kindergarten math milestones, click here

“Let’s find out!”: Three tips for raising curious kids, click here

Science throughout the day, click here